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Languages in Belarus

Belarus is a state of Europe and is situated at the east of the continent. Belarus official languages are Belarusian which can also be called White Russian and the second national language in Belarus is Russian. National languages in Belarus are spoken by the majority of the people. In the early 20th century, Belarusian became the official language from the languages in Belarus under Soviet rule.

History of National Language in Belarus

The use of Belarusian language has decreased as in 1999 the use of this one language from languages in Belarus was 36.7% which dropped to 29.4% in 2009 of the number of people who speak this language at home. The most spoken national language in Belarus is Russian. In 1999 the use of this at home was 58.6% which rose to 69.8% in 2009, therefore, it can be considered as a widely known language from languages in Belarus.

Other Languages in Belarus

The minorities of the state have different languages in Belarus. The most common languages in Belarus used by the minorities include Polish, Eastern Yiddish, and Ukrainian. Another language apart from mentioned languages in Belarus is Trasianka which can be heard from many people. This one from the languages in Belarus is the mixture of the vocabulary and structure of Russian and Belarusian. It is rapidly spreading in the whole country. As the people speaking Belarusian began moving towards Russian speaking cities, this language has become common among many people, and most of them started preferring this than other languages in Belarus.


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